#47 Falcon Pottery 0992 Puss in Boot

Early 20th century pottery matte black cat-in-boot is an in-mold black cat in a man’s souvenir tie shoe for the left foot. Has five closed paired lace holes and an impressed toe band. There is a green shamrock on the toe and a handpainted “Good luck” souvenir message for “Portavogie” which is on the Ards Peninsula, County Down, Ireland. The cat has white whiskers and gold and black eyes. Sylvan Works, which is the last official name of this company operating under the tradename SylvaC, is a 1945 amalgam of Falcon Pottery (1885) & Sylvan Works (1894). The company ceased trading in 1982. Ref: SylvaC Collector’s Circle. Sole imprint shown is “Made in England” “992” which you can see on the SylvaC site under for sale by mould number listing. Shoe size 5 x 4, 6.3 oz. Condition report: Excellent.

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