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#737 Very Rare R.S. Germany T-strap Sandal

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Porcelain woman’s buckled t-strap sandal made by Reinhold Schlegelmilch, Tillowitz, Germany. Sandal is impossibly thin porcelain. It is decorated with a simple hand painted gold wheat-like design on the vamp. Pale bistre enamel highlights have been added along the wheat blades to give it added texture and depth. The buckle and upper rim have been accented with dry-brush gold accents. There are hints of mint along the lower edge of the shoe and between the lowest of the delicate hand pierced vents. Size 4.7 x 1.8; 1.7 oz. Condition report: Mint and gild appear to be gently worn. This shoe is unmarked, but my personal collection includes a marked version which is also shown on page 129L3 of the Wojtkowski reference. Item #737, Book value $275, priced at $192 plus $8 shipping ($200 total insured expedited shipping).  BUY NOW WITH PAYPAL.

#112B Historical GDR Martinroda & Scheidig Yellow Luster Souvenir Boot

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This post WWII East German small boot is yellow lustered and has a color transfer map of Denmark “Danmark” on the vamp. There are embossed C-shaped scrolls, hobs, and a flower at the ankle, a reuse of the intricate design originally fabricated by the factory in 1900 for this revisited mold. The opening is formed by six fluted peaks. This item is factory marked to include “Unter weiss bach” and “Made in GDR,” the now defunct German Democratic Republic (East Germany) which once claimed its capital in the Soviet sector of Berlin. The boot was made about 1950. Size 3.6 x 3.7; 3 oz. Wojtkowski 160L3. Condition report: Excellent. Item #112; Price $12 plus $7.25 shipping ($19.25 total insured expedited shipping).  BUY NOW WITH PAYPAL.

#1501 Ilmenau Porcelain Man’s Cerise Lustered Oxford

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]From the Ilmenau Porcelain Factory, Thuringia, Germany, is a shoe made in the early decades of the 20th century. This is a porcelain large man’s cap toe oxford for the left foot. Lowers are gold as are the lacing placket and laces. Upper glaze is a striking lustered cerise. Interior is clear glazed The toe cap has embossed “leather punch” margin detail, and shoe lace ends drape in colorful contrast across the cerise uppers. The shoe is from a 2008 Bedford, Pa, estate. Size 6.2” x 2.8” 5.2 oz. This shoe is unmarked, but a marked version is shown for its green underglaze JPF Röntgen #629 mark and the “Made in Germany” marking. See Wojtkowski pg.153. This is circa 1903+ . Condition Report: Very good. Has factory overglazed greenware chip on left sole edge (pictured). Item #1501, Price $30 plus $7.25 shipping ($37.25 total insured expedited shipping) BUY NOW WITH PAYPAL.

#47 Falcon Pottery 0992 Puss in Boot

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Early 20th century pottery matte black cat-in-boot is an in-mold black cat in a man’s souvenir tie shoe for the left foot. Has five closed paired lace holes and an impressed toe band. There is a green shamrock on the toe and a handpainted “Good luck” souvenir message for “Portavogie” which is on the Ards Peninsula, County Down, Ireland. The cat has white whiskers and gold and black eyes. Sylvan Works, which is the last official name of this company operating under the tradename SylvaC, is a 1945 amalgam of Falcon Pottery (1885) & Sylvan Works (1894). The company ceased trading in 1982. Ref: SylvaC Collector’s Circle. Sole imprint shown is “Made in England” “992” which you can see on the SylvaC site under for sale by mould number listing. Shoe size 5 x 4, 6.3 oz. Condition report: Excellent. Item #47, Price $45 plus $7.25 shipping ($52.25 total insured expedited shipping).  BUY NOW WITH PAYPAL.

#1130 Pair of Dip-glazed Chalk-white Men’s Cap Toe Oxfords

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This pair of porcelain small khaki men’s 4-eyelet cap toe oxfords is made in a true right and left form. The German factory (dubbed the DGCW factory) is not known by name, but operated at the turn of the last century and was known to have made a variety of matched shoe forms often with laces, an effort in direct competition with Royal Bayreuth. The porcelain is a chalky white color (see soles) and the technique is dip glazing, thus the dub “DGCW” by shoe book author Wojtkowski. See pg 172R5.3. I have added period Master brand laces with metal aglets. The shoes were acquired 8 years ago from an estate auction in Milan, Illinois. Size is 5” x 2”; weight 7.2 oz. Condition report: Very good. Item #1130, Price $45 plus $7.25 shipping ($52.25 total insured expedited shipping). BUY NOW WITH PAYPAL.

#1083B Porcelain White Heather Slipper

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German porcelain souvenir slipper with in-mold beading. Vamp features a “Lucky White Heather” color transfer with hand enameled texturing, and the souvenir is marked for Bournemouth, England (County Dorset, costal, near the Isle of Wight). The Lucky White Heather was made by several competing manufacturers, to include England’s Carlton and Wilton firms. This however, is German, impressed “Germany 3322″ on side of the shoe, and sole is marked “FOREIGN” in a rust orange stamp, probably dating it to the period immediately after WWI. Size 5 x 2.25, 2.1 oz. Condition report: very good. Wojtkowski pg 124L2. Item #1083B, Price $30 plus $7.25 shipping ($37.25 total insured expedited shipping).  BUY NOW WITH PAYPAL.

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