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#737 Very Rare R.S. Germany T-strap Sandal

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Porcelain woman's buckled t-strap sandal made by Reinhold Schlegelmilch, Tillowitz, Germany. Sandal is impossibly thin porcelain. It is decorated with a simple hand painted gold wheat-like design on the vamp. Pale bistre enamel highlights have been added along the wheat blades to give it added texture and depth. The buckle and upper rim have been accented with dry-brush gold accents. There are hints of mint along the lower edge of the shoe and between the lowest of the delicate hand pierced vents. Size 4.7 x 1.8; 1.7 oz. Condition report: Mint and gild appear to be gently worn. I personally own the marked version of this shoe which is shown on page 129 of the Wojtkowski reference. You may link to my personal photo site to see the marked sandal.    Item #737, Price $220.

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