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#115 E.S. Germany Porcelain Shoe, Suhl, 1902+

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This is a porcelain clear glazed slipper with in-mold vamp ornament secured on each side by a button; colored floral transfers and a delicate handpainted feather-and-dot-stroke rim garland.  The shoe was made just after the turn of the last century by the porcelain factory of Erdmann Schlegelmilch (E.S. Germany). The shoe is unmarked but it is known marked with the Prov Sxe ES Germany mark #1798 (Röntgen).  The shoe is shown on page 130L2.2 of Porcelain and Pottery Shoes by Anne Everest Wojtkowski, Schiffer Pub 2004, or click on the link below to see a marked version of the shoe.  There are no chips or fractures or significant manufacturing imperfections--has some tiny kiln debris segments caught under the glaze of the toe, but nothing distracting.  The gild on this shoe is still almost pristine with just the merest hints of rub.  The mold detail is absolutely crisp.  So if you want a unique and hard to find shoe in your collection, this is your singular opportunity.  Size is 4.9 x 2.25; 2.6 oz.  Item #115, Book value $230, priced at $180.


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