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References (see Library Resources ) are given for same or similar shoes where available.  Descriptions provided may reflect multiple resources and should not be presumed to be text quotes.  Reference provided will be the best known published source.  Your questions are welcome.


#1072B Swedish Hoganas Lead Glazed Yellow Pottery Shoe

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Hoganas Keramik, Skane, Sweden, pottery slipper with Louis IV heel is a lead glazed yellow pottery. Exterior is olive bistre and interior is aqua . The shoe is heavily embossed with repetitive panels of sheaved leaves. The vamp top has a button-centered bow with ribbon ends trailng down the sides. Impressed on bottom is "Hoganas" and potter's initials, KP. The Hoganas pottery begain its production of lead glazed yellow pottery in 1833 with production reaching its high point about 1890. Shortly after that the factory shifted to production of varied clay colors and by 1926 this part of the business was closed.  Size is 4.25 x 2.3; 3.2 oz. Condition report: Excellent with fine age checks throughout the glaze. Wojtkowski pg 62L1.2.

Price $40 plus
USA insured shipping $5.40

#837 Sanded Majolica Pottery Baby Shoe


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Circa early 1900s pottery sanded majolica baby shoe with flower and leaves; burgundy glazed, possibly English, but unmarked. Has high gloss layered rose type vamp flower overlying two serrated leaves. Heel is not obvious, but is present as seen from the underside. Two open lacing holes each side of vee'd opening. Size 4.5 x 2.65, 6.4 oz. Condition report: very good but has had restoration with color touch up to rose petals and back of heel. Shown in Wojtkowski pg 68L5.1.   

Price $25 plus
$5.40 USA insured shipping

#115  E.S. Germany  Porcelain Shoe, Suhl, 1902+

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This is a porcelain clear glazed slipper with in-mold vamp ornament secured on each side by a button; colored floral transfers and a delicate handpainted feather-and-dot-stroke rim garland.  The shoe was made just after the turn of the last century by the porcelain factory of Erdmann Schlegelmilch (E.S. Germany). The shoe is unmarked but it is known marked with the Prov Sxe ES Germany mark #1798 (Röntgen).  The shoe is shown on page 130L2.2 of Porcelain and Pottery Shoes by Anne Everest Wojtkowski, Schiffer Pub 2004, or click on the link below to see a marked version of the shoe.  Book value is $230.  There are no chips or fractures or significant manufacturing imperfections--has some tiny kiln debris segments caught under the glaze of the toe, but nothing distracting.  The gild on this shoe is still almost pristine with just the merest hints of rub.  The mold detail is absolutely crisp.  So if you want a unique and hard to find shoe in your collection, this is your singular opportunity.  Size is 4.9 x 2.25; 2.6 oz.  

Click here to see marked copy of this mold.

Price $180 plus
USA insured shipping $7.40

#134 German Souvenir Ankle Shoe with Backtab

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This is a dip glazed chalk white porcelain shoe made in Germany.  Circa is assumed early 20th century from a souvenir marked 1908 shoe in my collection. See Wojtkowski pg 172L1.  A uniform dip glaze line can be seen inside the heel well as a result of dipping the shoe upside down in the glaze, then uprighting it for completion. The shoe is a one grommet, 4 eyelet, cap toe ankle shoe in a rich ivory luster. The "Souvenir of Indianapolis" vamp marking and seam trim is done in gold. The shoe has a slightly flared rim, deep ankle wrinkles, and a boot pull tab at the back of the heel. Size is 5.5 x 2. 85, 3.2 oz. I have added a black tassel-ended Rayon Nufashund Reg US Pat Office late period replacement lace. Condition report: kiln freckle on right; seam gild wear.

Price $25 plus
USA insured shipping $5.40

#199B Uncommon Large Elfinware Pump


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This is the largest of three sizes of a German elfinware pump that was also made in a ~2-1/2 and 3 inch size. This shoe meausres 3.6 x 2.6, 2.5 oz. The sole is marked with an orange brown 0.6 "Made in Germany" millstone. The uncommon large elfinware pump has a pointed toe and is covered in green bocage and applied florets. It is clear glazed with a gold trimmed heel under its blanket of applied moss, bud flowers, bluets, 5-petaled blues and pinks, and white and purple lilacs. A perfect pale pink rose decorates the vamp. Condition report: I have developed a very strict valuing system for elfinware and offer this piece at half its book value. From a buyer perspective, though, I will present the shoe the only fair way I know to present elfinware--with very detailed pictures. Despite my technical ranking, this shoe makes a lovely presentation.  I have provided a closeup of what appears to be a stained hairline. Even on 20 power loupe exam, I see no gap. It feels perfectly smooth and in all probability is a sealed firing crack. This labor intensive treasure is shrouded in mystery as to its vintage and factory origins, but it is clearly a treasure of an era past. See Wojtkowski pgs 38-39 "Mysteries" and this item 176R1.1.


Price $55 plus
USA insured shipping $6.35

#32AThuringian Souvenir Gusset Slipper


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This is an early German porcelain in-mold side and back gusset slipper with an applied flower and slip work.  It is tentatively attributed to the Ilmenau PF, Thuringia ( Wojtkowski pg 157R3.1, the small size). The vamp souvenir message is "A Present from Brighton."  The vamp has a hand applied rose colored aster with a center of glaze covered porcelain crumbs.   The ground color is a wonderful lustered lilac and ochre with gild accenting. The sole is machine stamped in gold "Made in Thuringia," gold artist "60," and impressed at left shank "9101."   Size: 4.3 x 2.3; 2.0 oz. Condition report: Excellent.

Price $25 plus
USA insured shipping $5.40

#1056 Early Disney Jiminy Cricket Dresser Trinket

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A quality piece of nostalgia imported from Japan by the prestigious Acme China firm, the famous character introduced in Disney's 1940 Pinocchio, Mr. Conscience himself, "Jiminy Cricket." the "Lord High Keeper of the Knowledge of Right and Wrong, Counselor in Moments of Temptation, and Guide along the Straight and Narrow Path." This must have been meant for use as a dresser trinket because Jiminy holds a hairbrush in one hand. Wonderful colors--flat eggshell blue boot with backtab, and Jiminy in high gloss yellow, black, red, fleshtones, and brown. Acme China in above-glaze blue, MIJ mark and also has a stylized "N" in a circle.  Wheatley II, pg 209. Condition report: Excellent.

Price $20 plus
USA insured shipping $5.40

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