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#112 Historical GDR Martinroda & Scheidig Yellow Luster Souvenir Boot

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This post WWII East German small boot is yellow lustered and has a color transfer map of Denmark "Danmark" on the vamp. There are embossed C-shaped scrolls, hobs, and a flower at the ankle, a reuse of the intricate design originally fabricated by the factory in 1900 for this revisited mold. The opening is formed by six fluted peaks. This item is factory marked to include "Unter weiss bach" and "Made in GDR" which is the now defunct German Democratic Republic (East Germany) which once claimed its capital in the Soviet sector of Berlin. The boot was made about 1950. Size 3.6 x 3.7; 3 oz. Wojtkowski 160L3. Condition report: Excellent.
Item #112; Price $12.

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       Inserted 11/9/04