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References (see Library Resources ) are given for same or similar shoes where available.  Descriptions provided may reflect multiple resources and should not be presumed to be text quotes.  Reference provided will be the best known published source.  Your questions are welcome.


#136 G. D. Paris Déposé Pottery Tin-glazed Slipper

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Circa 1900 pottery tin-glazed heeled slipper with in-mold cross tabs and applied vamp flower ornament. Vamp ornament is hand painted. Body of shoe is decorated with hand filled redbrown transfer outlines, and with added handpainted grasses outside the transfers. Sole is marked "G.D. Paris" (which is probably a shop name) along with "DÉPOSÉ" which is a French term that first appeared in 1900 and means "registered." Wojtkowski pg 70R3. Size 4.15 x 2.45, 3.5 oz. Condition report: Very good; factory glaze scuff low on toe and some gild wear.

Price $55 plus
USA insured shipping $6.35

#112 Historical GDR Martinroda & Scheidig Yellow Luster Souvenir Boot

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This post WWII East German small boot is yellow lustered and has a color transfer map of Denmark "Danmark" on the vamp. There are embossed C-shaped scrolls, hobs, and a flower at the ankle, a reuse of the intricate design originally fabricated by the factory in 1900 for this revisited mold. The opening is formed by six fluted peaks. This item is factory marked to include "Unter weiss bach" and "Made in GDR" which is the now defunct German Democratic Republic (East Germany) which once claimed its capital in the Soviet sector of Berlin. The boot was made about 1950. Size 3.6 x 3.7; 3 oz. Wojtkowski 160L3. Condition report: Excellent. 

 Price $12 plus
USA insured shipping $5.40

#1229 Man's Elfinware Cap Toe Oxford

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German Elfinware. Unmarked except for "Made in Germany" millstone. This porcelain cap toe man's oxford has an in-mold shoelace with draping laces, most of which is covered with applied flowers. The shoe was made for the right foot. It has a clear-glazed interior and lilac luster exterior. Vamp is decorated with a white rose and bud rose with green leaflets, has a split swallow-tail type stem and 7 bluets. Wojtkowski pg 179L2.2. Size 5.1 x 2.25, 4.2 oz. Condition report:  Very good.

Price $35 plus
USA insured shipping $5.40

#942 Blue Airbrushed Ankle High Work Boot

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Porcelain ankle high work boot with two-toned pale blue airbrushed detailing. Has 4 paired eyelets and an original old white shoelace with metal aglets. Rounded toe and raised toe cap seam; detailed lug type sole. Both double and single dot impress seams and unusual vertical side seam. Size 4.85 x 2.85, 3.6 oz. Unmarked as to manufacture, but similar décor and quality to Mardorf & Bandorf items from Arnstadt, Germany, Wojtkowski pg 165 & 166.  Likewise appears to be early 1900s.  Condition report: very good with miniscule glaze flake noted at back rim and overglazed depression at right rim tip; absolutely trivial.

Price $25 plus
USA insured shipping $5.40

#1235 Galluba & Hofmann Tulip Boot, Uncommon Size

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This Galluba & Hofmann porcelain tulip boot is the unusual large size, possibly the factory's earliest shoe mold (c. 1891). It is clear glazed with a cobalt wash front panel (the visual equivalent to pottery "flow blue") and has ornate C-scrolls and gild detail. This boot would have served as the "formoff" model for the medium boot 1287. The absence of a mold number, the lack of mold modifications, and the coloring all support a very early date of manufacture. This mold by convention should be 1686 thus precedes the known mold sizes. (Wojtkowski pg144R1 and Table 2). The boot has large in-mold tulips at vamp bottom and at the sides of the opening. Front of the boot is gently keeled. Condition report: gild is gently to moderately rubbed. Heel has flaws of manufacture which only show on display as a small notch in back view. The heel apparently cracked in the kiln and then re-fused in the high heat of the furnace (clear porcelain "ring"). Factory overglaze is present on heel (see closeups). Size is 5.5 x 5.1, 4.9 oz.

Price $55; USA insured shipping $6.35

#1030 American Uhl Lunch Hour Pottery Slipper

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Uhl miniature pottery slipper with handpainted design is shown on pg 118 of Feldmeyer & Holtzman Uhl Pottery ID & Value Guide. Fired glaze is prussian green; decorative pattern is over-the-glaze cold paint utilizing circles and lines in white, orange & moss green. This lunch hour creation, so called because employees enhanced some pieces on their own initiative, is not marked, but there is an unreadable red marking in the shank.  Size is .3 x 1.25, .8 oz. The UHL factory closed in 1944. This item is believed to be c. 1920-44. Condition report: Very good; the cold paint is mostly intact and is actually better than the referenced example.   

Price $35 plus
USA insured shipping $5.40

#1197B German Dip Glazed Brown Child's Tie Shoe

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Early 1900s presumed, based on a 1908 souvenir piece in my personal collection.  Porcelain small dip glazed chalk white brown child's tie shoe with three open paired eyelets and open lacing vee; no lace, although I will add a period lace with metal aglets free gratis on request. Germany; unmarked unattributed. The technique is dip glazed, and shoes done in that manner are covered beginning on pg 171 of Wojtkowski reference. Size is 3.4 x 1.8; 2.1 oz. Condition report: Very good but with a few pieces of glaze skipped kiln debris adhered on right. 


Price $10 plus
USA insured shipping $5.40

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