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References (see Library Resources ) are given for same or similar shoes where available.  Descriptions provided may reflect multiple resources and should not be presumed to be text quotes.  Reference provided will be the best known published source.  Your questions are welcome. (March 2009)


#860 German Porcelain Crackow Ankle Boot
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Circa late 1800s thin German porcelain large crackow ankle boot glazed in cerise with gild accenting. Vamp carries a large daisy head, and smaller flowers decorate the sides and rim. Small decorative loop near toe. Unmarked. Wojtkowski pg 112R2.4. Crackow is a gothic term for a long tipped shoe introduced during the reign of Richard II and named after the city of Crackow in Poland. Size 6.9 x 4.2; 5.5 oz. Condition report: Two partial thickness rim flakes and miniscule roughs and glaze skips. Gild nicely intact.

Price $50 plus
$5.40 USA insured shipping

#1204 Friesland (Netherlands) Chip-carved Pottery Clog


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Circa 1900 majolica blue, green, and brown sponge blend chip-carved pottery Friesland clog. The northern Netherland Friesland provence is famous for chip-carved wood items, and for the less common folk craft pottery forms "kerfsnee aardewerk." This shoe is a delightful example of labor intensive hand art work created at the greenware stage and then captured in the rich glaze colors. Coloring is typical of the high glazed tones of Harlingen and similar towns of the Friesland countryside. Wojtkowski pg 60R4. Size 5.5 x 2.4; 6.3 oz.; Condition report: Excellent.

Price $85 plus
$6.35 USA insured shipping

#405 Columbia Glass Company Blue Cat Slipper

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Circa 1887 glass, blue cat slipper has an alligator design on vamp & back; sides are daisy-in-square pattern. The fur on the cat is distinct & clear. Unlike contemporary Degenhart & Boyd slippers, the sole edge extends slightly beyond the shoe rather than the pattern being carried right down to edge of shoe. This is Yalom #28. Size 5.9 x 3, 7.9 oz. Condition report: good display but with low visual chips and nicks around sole, rim, and right ear.

Price $25 plus
$5.40 insured shipping

#1228 German Porcelain Weiss Kühnert Geese on Oxford Shoe


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This is a known model no 3544 Weiss, Kühnert & Company, Gräfenthal, Thuringia, porcelain glazed right-facing woman's side-buttoned cap toe shoe with in-mold pairs of geese and an in-mold gosling on the outside rear quarter.  It is fully glazed.  It is known to be made also as a left facing shoe. Glaze coat is clear with gilding of rim, laces, and toe cap boundary. One goose sits on the vamp; one strides the right vamp.  Geese are white & black with brown-red bills and feet. Toe cap is pearlized pinkish gray, which is aged from the original more minty green at manufacture.  Book value is $150 for this impressive large size, but I am discounting it because of the color change, which is only an issue if you plan to display it next to a mintier shaded left-facing shoe.   No chips or fractures, and gild is perfectly intact. "Germany 3544" is impressed on the left side of the heel.  See page 168L3.2, Wojtkowski , Porcelain and Pottery Shoes, Schiffer Pub. 2004.  Shoe is probably 1920s vintage, but could be earlier. Shoe size is 6-1/2 x 2-3/4; 7.6 oz.   Item #1228, Price $28.

Price $28 plus
$5.40 insured shipping

#47 Falcon Pottery 0992 Puss in Boot

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Presumed early 20th century pottery matte black cat in boot is an in-mold black cat in a man's souvenir tie shoe for the left foot.  Has five closed paired lace holes and an impressed toe band. There is a green shamrock on the toe and a handpainted "Good luck" souvenir message for "Portavogie" which is on the Ards Peninsula, County Down, Ireland.  The cat has white whiskers and gold and black eyes. Sylvan Works, which is the last official name of this company operating under the tradename SylvaC, is a 1945 amalgam of Falcon Pottery (1885) & Sylvan Works (1894). The company ceased trading in 1982. Ref: SylvaC Collector's Circle:
Sole imprint shown is "Made in England" "992."  Shoe size 5 x 4, 6.3 oz. Condition report: Excellent.

Price $45 plus
$5.40 USA insured shipping

#790 Pair of German Bisque Clown Shoes

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Circa 1891-1920s, Weiss, Kühnert & Company, Gräfenthal, Thuringia, pair of  boy and girl clowns applied to mint green bisque tramp shoes with in-mold dogs; one leg of each clown is in-mold. Fine facial detail. Shoes have scattering of gold beads over their surface and some additional gild detail.  Left shoe features a girl and a brown headed dog. Artist's mark is a rust colored 7 on heel face. Right shoe features the boy clown with a black headed dog . Artist mark is a rust colored "2." Size ~ 5.25 x 2.9; 3.4 oz. each. Condition report: Very good; minor competent factory firing gaps on figure attachments. Wojtkowski 166R4.1 and 4.2 documents as WK mold 2621.

Price $140 plus
$9.40 USA insured shipping

#1083B Porcelain White Heather Slipper
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German porcelain souvenir slipper with in-mold beading. Vamp features a "Lucky White Heather" color transfer with hand enameled texturing, and the souvenir is marked for Bournemouth, England (County Dorset, costal, near the Isle of Wight). The Lucky White Heather was made by several competing manufacturers, to include England's Carlton and Wilton firms. This however, is German, impressed "Germany 3322" on side of the shoe, and sole is marked "FOREIGN" in a rust orange stamp, probably dating it to the period immediately after WWI. Size 5 x 2.25, 2.1 oz. Condition report: very good. Wojtkowski pg 124L2.


Price $30 plus
$5.40 USA insured shipping

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