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References (see Library Resources ) are given for same or similar shoes where available.  Descriptions provided may reflect multiple resources and should not be presumed to be text quotes.  Reference provided will be the best known published source.  Your questions are welcome.

#737 Very Rare R.S. Germany T-strap Sandal

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Porcelain woman's buckled t-strap sandal made by Reinhold Schlegelmilch, Tillowitz, Germany.  Sandal is made of impossibly thin porcelain. It is decorated with a simple hand painted gold wheat-like design on the vamp. Pale bistre enamel highlights have been added along the wheat blades to give it added texture and depth. The buckle and upper rim have been accented with dry-brush gold accents. There are hints of mint along the lower edge of the shoe and between the lowest of the delicate hand pierced vents. Size 4.7 x 1.8; 1.7 oz. Condition report: Mint and gild appear to be gently worn.  I personally own the marked version of this shoe which is shown on page 129 of the Wojtkowski reference, book value $275.  You may link to my personal photo site to see the marked sandal.

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Price $220 plus
$8.45 USA insured shipping

#193SL&R Pair Schäfer & Vater Pig & Clover Shoes
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Circa 1900, unmarked, but known Schäfer & Vater, Germany (Wojtkowski, pg 140).  Pair of bisque "Good Luck" party pig cabinet shoes with in-mold pigs and 4-leaf clovers.  Left-facing shoe has a banjo playing pig impressed 4100A and right-facing has a drinking pig impressed 4100B.  Backsides are plain bisque with inmold running pigs with clover tails.  The plain treatment of the back or non-display side was a common feature of so called "cabinet" shoes, as the items were designed to be seen from behind the glass door of a curio.  Size is ~ 6.5 x 2.75; 4.8 oz each; condition report: Excellent display as shown.  R shoe with tinted nick to back of hat; L shoe with nick to snout & rim, neither distracting.

Price $140 plus
$9.40 USA insured shipping

#1213 Acme China Strawberry Shoe
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Circa 1950s porcelain high heeled shoe with hand applied strawberries and pink berries and leaves. Shoe is done in turquoise green and clear glaze contrast with gilt edged borders.  All hand painted by a quality Japanese factory, name unknown, but marked for export and known to have been imported by two respected firms--Acme China, and then by the import firm of Sadek who uses "Andrea" among other product lines. This was carried as an Andrea stock number M-383 in 1955;
4.4 x 3.5, 3.5 oz.  Condition report: Displays beautifully.  Much like elfinware, some nibbling is to be expected.  I'll be very specific, but you'll see from pictures that I make it sound worse than it actually displays:  R side with 2 broken leaflets, and front L with one tipped and one broken leaflet; really nice gild retention.

Price $25 plus
$5.40 USA insured shipping

#1130 Pair of German DGCW Porcelain Oxfords

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Circa 1900, unmarked pair of porcelain small khaki drip glazed men's 4-eyelet cap toe oxfords; a true right and left pair.  This is a dip-glazed, chalk white porcelain made by a Royal Bayreuth competitor at the turn of the century.  (This is a colored glaze vs a clear glaze over a painted surface.).  Original lace absent; replacement laces are period Master brand laces with metal aglets; 5 x 2, 3.6 oz. Condition report:  Excellent.  (Wojtkowski, pg. 172 R5.3.)

Price $50 plus
$5.40 USA insured shipping

#747 Galluba & Hofmann Porcelain Ladies Cap Toe Oxford
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Circa early 1900s Galluba and Hoffman porcelain woman's cap toe oxford in soft luster pink (Wojtkowski pg 152R1).  The interior is a contrasting clear glaze, and the trim and applied eyelet and rosettes are gilded. Shoe has 3 paired open eyelets and 4 filled eyelets, each encircled with an applied gold rosette. The vamp is marked "Souvenir of Warren, Ohio" in hand scripted gild.  The sole has a gold stamped "81" and an impressed "7405" which are artisan and mold numbers, respectively. Size is 5.9 x 2.8"; 2.4 oz. Condition is very good.

Price $29.99 plus
$5.40 USA insured shipping

#234A&B Royal Bayreuth Camel Work Boots (Pair or Single)
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Circa early 1900s unmarked Royal Bayreuth, Tettau, Germany, porcelain orange matte 8-eyelet, cap-toe, large-size men's work boots; true left and right  (Wojtkowski pg 49R1).  Glossy off-white interior; glossy blue & white striped boot pull. There are no shoe laces, but rather the less common factory treatment of gilding the eyelets, so if laces were ever present their absence is not a display issue.  Realistic wear wrinkles. Hand painted ornate seam stitching design on toe; simpler detail on other seams.  Size is 4.9 x 3.5; 4.1 oz. each.  Condition report:  Excellent; minor color variance in this assembled pair. If you wish to buy just one boot, select that option.

Pair Price $180 plus
$9.40 USA insured shipping

Right boot price $90 plus
$5.40 USA insured shipping

Left boot price $90 plus
$5.40 USA insured shipping

#26L Brayton Laguana 1940s High-top Boot
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Circa 1940, a marked pottery woman's black and white front-lacing high-top boot with scalloped rim and toe cap border and an hourglass heel made by the Brayton Pottery Studio, Laguna Beach, CA.  This white glazed lace front shoe has a contrasting black trim applied to the lace, heel, toe cap & rim scallops.  Boot was made for the left foot and the pottery is known for making pairs.  Toe of sole is marked "copyright 1940 by Brayton Laguna."  Size 3.8 x 4.3, 3.5 oz.  Condition report:  Excellent; small paint smudge under glaze on left side. 

Price $18 plus
$5.40 USA insured shipping

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